Group Trips

(for people who hate group trips)

Come To Cuba with Us!

Want to travel to Cuba but don’t want to get sucked into the tourist traps? 

Want to experience the raw, gritty and real Cuba that the travel companies don’t know about? 

Want to be with Cubans, supporting Cubans, learning about Cubans, and making life-long friends with Cubans? 

Look no further! Ronnie and I want to take you into our hidden corners of Cuba. The corners that Ronnie grew up in. The corners that I lived in – outside of the tourist and expat bubbles – and where I found my life changing experiences. 

We’ll take you to our favourite private restaurants, stay in our favourite private accommodations, meet some wonderful Cuban entrepreneurs and specialists, dance salsa with the finest dancers on the island, debunk the age-old myth that Cuba has bad food, sip rum and play dominoes with the tobacco farmers… I could go on. 

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experience the cuba that you can't find alone

Ronnie and I invite you to join us, our family and friends in exploring our favourite corners of Cuba. Immerse yourself in a wildly complex and fascinating country, mixing the 'must-dos' with the 'who knews', and making truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime memories

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