Travel Planning

Whether you want to explore Cuba alone, with friends or family, as a budget backpacker or a detail-orientated luxurious holiday, you’ll want to have some idea of where you’re going and what you should do. 

Cuba is such a complex island and it’s certainly not like travelling to Spain or Thailand. You won’t find signs in English, many Cubans only speak Spanish, tourism infrastructure isn’t to a consistently level, and if you’re not careful, your entire trip will be scam after scam after scam. 

I spent many years living in Viñales, a small but touristic village 3 hours west of Havana. During my time there, I supported many locals who worked in tourism by planning the trips of their visitors. 

Believe me when I tell you that 95% of the travellers who came to us in Viñales after having been blindly walking around Havana and the rest of the island, told me they breathed a sigh of relief to have found me. 

I was able to help the navigate and avoid the scams, keep costs down in an otherwise pricey country, travel in comfort and style, and be within family rather than hustlers. 

Or why not join Ronnie and I on one of our upcoming hosted group trips, to be fully immersed in an experience you wouldn't be able to find alone?